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Zombies Vs Werewolves, Who would win?

By Slayer_ ·
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Personally, I am for Zombies, if we follow the traditional zombie apocalypse, getting bit by a zombie turns you into a zombie. And traditional Werewolf says getting bit by a werewolf turns you into one.
So a Zombie werewolf or a Werewolf zombie.
Advantage to zombies though, cause they don't require a full moon.

What do you guys think?

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Gotta say...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Vote this post up

Wolverine would win!
Ok, so not against genies.
But is that genie from "djinni" or is it genie from "genius"?
Coz wolverine would beat the genius-kind...

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That would be

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Gotta say...

djinn. If we're talking zombies and werewolves, it's likely that like geniuses made 'em in the first place...

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Need more research lol

by Tink! In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

Zombies are traditionally made via some infectious bacteria or virus, therefore ingesting their flesh should logically infect whatever ingested it, just as getting zombie blood in your eye, mouth or other mucus membrane also affects you.

Modern werewolves are created via another type of infectious transferrence. So if a werewolf were to be infected with Zombie virus would the two viruses co-exist or would one overpower the other?
- If the werewolf virus overpowers the zombie virus, then werewolves would be immune and thusly more likely to wipe out zombies. (this is assuming, of course, that the werewolf virus cannot affect zombie flesh because it's cellular structure is technically not alive)
- If the zombie virus overpowers the werewolf infection than that raises a couple other questions
Would the zombie werewolf even change into zombie human form when the full moon wanes? After all, the werewolf infection works with live flesh, it's not designed for dead flesh. (or is it? - who wants to test it?) Likewise if a werewolf is zombified whilst in human form, will it change into a zombie werewolf come full moon?

Quite an interesting question I must say. Thanks for asking it. :)

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Need more research lol

I think if you mix Zombie and Werewolf blood you become a politician. Bada-bing,...(anybody seen Edison lately?)

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Some modern werewolves were immune to disease

by Slayer_ In reply to Need more research lol

If that were the case, in their wolf form, they would be pretty much invincible to the zombies unless they got pinned down and dragged into a hoard of zombies.
But in human form, they could be Zombified, and would likely lose their werewolfness because that is a living disease.

In such a case, if the humans were smart enough. They could possibly survive, perhaps in water or something on a boat, and only going to shore in wolf form.

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sorry to dredge up an older post, but I was thinking

by Tink! In reply to Some modern werewolves we ...

that if the modern werewolf is immune to disease, its human counterpart should be as well because the same blood is running through the veins.

Just a thought.

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No it makes sense to me

by Slayer_ In reply to sorry to dredge up an old ...

If that were the case, no werewolf could be turned into a zombie, they could only be eaten alive.
So chances are, werewolves would be physically unstoppable, but they would probably starve to death, or be killed in their human form.

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More zombies from start (at least in these forums)

by TobiF In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

In numbers, the Zombies have a head start, just realize how many zombies we have in the forums on TR alone. And I'm sure you can find them in other places, as well.

However, lately it's become so hard to find your way around TR, that most of us regulars, at least temporarily, unwillingly have become wherewolfs :)

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Zombies > Werewolves

by jfuller05 In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

Personally, I think werewolves are more awesome, but I believe zombies would overpower werewolves after time. Zombies seem to multiply faster and werewolves don't. Also, like you said, werewolves need a full moon, whereas zombies don't.

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If we considered "underworld" style werewolves, then the wolves would win

by Slayer_ In reply to Zombies Vs Werewolves, Wh ...

Hands down effortless. As they could go wolf whenever they needed and would be fully or partially aware of what they are doing. The zombies would be slaughtered quickly, surviving zombies could be quickly dealt with as needed by the general werewolf population.

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