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  • These are failures and most of time get rejected by the government agency.

    rproffitt ·

    From Quora: “Profile photo for Colonel Rajinder Singh Colonel Rajinder Singh , LLB Bachelor of Law, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra (1997) Answered August 19, 2019 Originally Answered: How can I convert my photo to passport size? For any visa application and related requirement of submission of Passport size snaps, do not use ...

  • And if you listen to your Government

    oh smeg ·

    You do not even have control of your Data and other Governments will help themselves to it to do as they please which will involved attacking your company and stealing your IP.

  • Privacy from governments

    dwaynemichnal ·

    I’m not a criminal and I have done nothing wrong. But I’m a high believer and I don’t think the government should have a right to track somebody’s personal phone and invade their privacy with on their text messages and phone calls. What steps can a person take to totally remove something like this so ...

  • Personally I think only a fool or Government would put this into the Cloud

    oh smeg ·

    As things currently stand several World Governments have been in the press recently claiming that China is responsible for breaches in Government Agiences and Private Data Stored in Managed Services and that they are actively pursuring this as a means for Intelegence Gathering. It was once upon a Time Hard Enough to secure data from ...

  • How to make multi-cloud work for government

    kedodson1 ·

    Interesting blog, part one, discussing multi-cloud for government, as well as hyper-converged infrastructure.

  • [L_L wrote “The limit of government intrusion…

    chironk ·

    … is the tolerance level of the people”] Yes it is; once that limit is exceeded guillotines start sprouting here and there and then the government backtracks, provided that there’s anything left of it. The sad thing is that when most people are too busy exchanging hellos, selfies and inanities on facebook to mind what ...

  • RE:- Is there any form of electronics communication that the government or

    hal 9000 ·

    If it goes over the Public Networks either wired or wireless it’s readable. Actually attempting to hide it only makes it more interesting to the authorities as they start wondering what it is you are trying to hide. Very little of what is transmitted actually gets read by a Human as it all gets scanned ...

  • What if the Chinese Government started to monitor US telecommunications

    chdchan ·

    After Snowden revealed the US is monitoring the world’s telecommunication, what if the reverse applies when the Chinese Government started to monitor US telecommunications? Maybe there are already a lot underway by spyware now.

  • Term limits are built in to our government’s design

    nicknielsen ·

    They are called “elections”. The problem is that the vast majority of voters who say they want a change go out every two years and automatically vote for the D or the R, perpetuating the corruption in the system. Why? Because they’ve been indoctrinated in to the “two-party” system” where the only realistic choices are ...

  • Understanding powerful government

    mjd420nova ·

    The government that has the power to give the people everything they want, thay also have the power to take it away. Want to stop the politicans rape of the public, drop the federal income tax and institute a federal sales tax. Regardless of how you make your money, you pay the taxes when you ...