Using a flash disk as a Win2K troubleshooting device
After installing the flash disk device on the Windows 2000 computer, follow these steps:
  • ·        Format the flash disk in NTFS.
  • ·        Open My Computer and copy the Windows 2000 startup files from the root directory of your primary active partition.
  • ·        On the flash disk, right-click the Boot.ini file and select Properties from the context menu.
  • ·        Deselect the Read Only check box, which will allow you to edit the file. Click OK.
  • ·        Open the Boot.ini file in Notepad.
  • ·        In each case where you see rdisk(0) in the text of the file, change it to rdisk(1).
  • ·        Save the edited Boot.ini file.
  • ·        Close Notepad.
  • ·        Edit the properties of the file to reselect the Read Only check box.
  • ·        Reboot the computer.
  • ·        Insert into the floppy drive the disk that came with the flash memory card.
  • ·        Type dupdate /win:d000 /s:doc121.exb /first at the command prompt.
  • ·        Eject the floppy.
  • ·        Reboot the computer again.
  • ·        Install the Recovery Console per the instructions in the Windows 2000 Help file.