Listing B
'Determines the view of the current object
Public Function ObjView(Optional objname As Variant, _
    Optional objtype As Variant) As Variant
  Dim strObjectName As String
  Dim strObjectType As String
  Dim intView As Integer
  Dim obj As AccessObject
  'determine whether the object is
  'selected or passed via arguments
  If IsMissing(objtype) = True Then
    'if using current object
    strObjectName = Application.CurrentObjectName
    strObjectType = Application.CurrentObjectType
    'if using passed arguments
    strObjectName = objname
    strObjectType = objtype
  End If
  'errHandler catches closed objects, tables, and queries,
  'latter two don't support the CurrentView property
  On Error GoTo ErrHandler
  Select Case strObjectType
   Case Is = acTable
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllTables(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acQuery
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllQueries(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acForm
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllForms(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acReport
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllReports(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acMacro
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllMacros(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acModule
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllModules(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acDataAccessPage
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllDataAccessPages(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acServerView
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllViews(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acDiagram
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllDatabaseDiagrams(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
   Case Is = acStoredProcedure
     Set obj = Application.CurrentProject.AllStoredProcedures(strObjectName)
     intView = obj.CurrentView
  End Select
  ObjView = intView
  Exit Function
  If Err.Number = 2467 Then
    MsgBox strObjectName & " " & "is closed", vbOKOnly, "Error"
    ObjView = adStateClosed
  ElseIf Err.Number = 438 Then
    MsgBox "The current object type isn't supported", vbOKOnly, "Error"
    ObjView = Empty
    'may want to call ObjState to determine
    'object's state.
    MsgBox Err.Description, vbOKOnly, "Error"
    ObjView = Empty
  End If
End Function