Believe it or not, I'm recognizing this week's quibbler for not quibbling. In response to the Dec. 15 edition of Geek Trivia, "Greatest of the mall," several TechRepublic members suggested possible candidates for the first modern shopping mall that were different from the one cited in the article.

TechRepublic member Dereks, however, gets brownie points for actually reading?and defending?what the Trivia Geek wrote.

"The point was that Harundale Mall was the first modern [mall], and in this sense, it was the first indoor, temperature-controlled mall. Harundale fits that profile; you have to read the whole sentence: 'Offering itself up as the first fully enclosed and temperature-controlled shopping mall in the United States, Harundale was the brainchild of one of the foremost urban planners of the 20th century.'

"The other malls everyone is mentioning as predating this one were not temperature-controlled. Also, [as] another added bit of trivia, Harundale Mall is no longer a mall at all; it is now a 'strip mall' and no longer has an indoor promenade at all. I happen to live two miles away from it and watched in sadness as the first mall I remember was knocked down for a rather ugly strip mall."

Thanks for the stout defense and the extra trivia, dear reader. To my critics, well, I'll try to make more indefensible mistakes in the future.