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Need your opinions on Databases for a project of mine, think you an help

By Plushy Bunno ·
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I need to gather people opinions on databases for a project I'm doing. Here are the questions I need you to answer:
1. How useful do you find databases? Give a reason for your answer
2. can you think of any scenarios where databases are used?
3. Have you ever used/made a database? And if so, what did you make /use it for?
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I think you need to define "database".

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Need your opinions on Dat ...

Why? Because we used such since the beginning of time it seems.
Example: In the 1970's on Fortran code I would use the DATA statement ( ) to hold information I needed in bulk. A database of sorts in my program.

Today we use SQL almost everywhere in almost every app we work on.

Why? Because SQL is ubiquitous and we expect other team members to be able to query without implementing some custom API in the app. Why again? If we implemented our own, we pay for it in implementation and time (which is money.)

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Re: database

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Need your opinions on Dat ...

It might depend on the project if you need a database, but most systems use data and want to store it for later use in stead of throwing it away after processing it.

For example, this forum (although I didn't write it) has a database to store the questions and answers.

On a somewhat smaller scale, tells about making and using a database in Excel. Quite useful to keep track of birthdays of your friends or titles of CD's you have.

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