Infosec lapses, malware, phishing, and other targeted attacks can ruin your day. Beef up your cybersecurity arsenal with strong authentication, encryption, and real-time monitoring.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Infrastructure

    White Papers · Jan 2022 · Provided By Oracle Intel

    Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides IT teams flexibility to scale your IT resources up or down. The days of hardware refreshes, maintaining massive data centres and being locked in on costs are over. Utilising cloud-based infrastructure with an elastic, pay-as-you-go service model not only reduces costs and worries but also frees...

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  • Cloud Security for Dummies Guide

    White Papers · Jan 2022 · Provided By Oracle Intel

    Learn how Oracle Cloud can help your enterprise protect its infrastructure, apps, and data against cyberattacks, adhere to compliance mandates such as the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and much more. Get started with an inside look at IT Security in...

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  • Mimecast Connect APAC

    White Papers · Jan 2022 · Provided By Mimecast Connect

    Join us at Mimecast APAC Connect 2022, where local & global leaders will share a vision on the role of governments across the region. Hear from some of APAC's leading CISOs about their experiences & explore how Mimecast and its API partners can help you fightback against cybercrime. Keynote speakers...

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  • AMD EPYC™ Infinity Guard - 5 Reasons for Security

    White Papers · Nov 2021 · Provided By Lenovo, powered by AMD EPYC processors

    The AMD EPYC™ processor uses a series of sophisticated security technologies called AMD Infinity Guard. With built-in silicon, AMD Infinity Guard is the most important resource for enterprises to take control of security. In this report you will discover: A modernized, multi-layered approach to security. How to build a...

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  • Why refresh with PowerEdge 15G?

    White Papers · Nov 2021 · Provided By Dell & Intel®

    The 15th generation of PowerEdge servers is Dell Technologies' broadest, most automated, and most secure portfolio of servers Dell Technologies has ever created. Discover that fact that Dell Technologies focused on improving the platform and innovating in areas that deliver the business and service quality improvements needed to make...

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  • WAN Edge GMQ

    Downloads · Nov 2021 · Provided By Juniper Networks

    Gartner® just published the new 2021 Magic Quadrant™ for WAN Edge Infrastructure* and Juniper Networks is the only vendor in the Visionary Quadrant! Download this report to discover: AI-Driven Operations (i.e. WAN assurance and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant), which simplifies WAN edge management and increases network uptime with customizable...

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  • Comparison eGuide

    White Papers · Nov 2021 · Provided By Juniper Networks

    We know that user experience that's secure matters most. Get this guide to see how Juniper's AI-Driven SD-WAN sets the bar for the most secure user experience. Session-based technology shifts focus to the user experience, all while making it easy to operate the WAN. It's not just the WAN...

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  • Tech Target eGuide

    Downloads · Nov 2021 · Provided By Juniper Networks

    Digital transformation initiatives are piling more users and data onto today's networks. As a result, the Internet is fraught with bad actors pouring resources into new ways to access sensitive data and infect systems in ways that could bring an organization to its knees. Read this paper to learn...

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  • Modern wide area network architectures demand a new approach to security

    White Papers · Oct 2021 · Provided By Optus & Cisco

    It doesn't seem like that long ago when corporate networks were relatively simple, and important data rarely left the building where it was created and used. Today, corporate networks are incredibly complicated. The data centre is now usually off-premises and corporate-owned applications have made their way into the public cloud....

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  • IDG Secure SD-WAN eGuide

    Ebooks · Oct 2021 · Provided By Juniper Networks

    In 2020, millions of employees around the world became remote workers overnight. Once the pandemic finally recedes, a hybrid work model will likely become the new norm for most organizations. In this eBook, you will learn about: The network perimeter problems that large-scale remote working creates How to enforce...

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