Data circuit installation or change guide and checklist


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  • Published May 11, 2020
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The installation or changing out of any building-level equipment is often more complicated and time consuming than first anticipated. This is particularly true when the equipment is a data circuit. As an integral part of a business’s information technology infrastructure, data circuit hardware must work flawlessly from the start. Complications and delays could result in costly overruns and significant tension and frustration.

Whether you are installing new data circuitry hardware or changing existing hardware, planning and coordination are vital. The process will not only involve internal personnel but also experts from building management, electricians, and technicians from service providers. Coordinating who does what and when, requires an easy to follow plan of action.

The Data Circuit Installation or Change Guide and Checklist from TechRepublic Premium provides a basic framework your business can use to plan and coordinate all of the many moving parts involved in this delicate and complicated process.

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