Power checklist: Local email server-to-cloud migration


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  • Published April 28, 2020
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Many organizations still manage email infrastructure themselves using local, on-premise equipment. Such firms are a dying breed, and for good reason: Cloud-based email solutions simplify administration, typically enhance security, provide broader ease of access and often lower total overall operating costs. Organizations that haven’t already migrated email service to the cloud are likely to begin doing so.

Employing a checklist early in the process helps ensure such projects are well organized and proceed in proper order. Local email server-to-cloud migrations consist of numerous steps and myriad phases. A checklist enforces planning by requiring IT staff to stop and consider a range of issues and details, while also breaking such a complex project into readily manageable bite-size chunks.

This power checklist from TechRepublic Premium will help organizations with their local email server-to-cloud migration.

Only through proper planning and considered execution can email-to-cloud migrations complete with no surprises.

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