Research: Quantum computing in the enterprise; key vendors, anticipated benefits, and impact


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  • Published October 21, 2020
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Quantum computing promises to take on problems that were previously unsolvable. This whole new level of compute power will make it possible to crunch incredible volumes of data that traditional computers can’t manage. It will allow researchers to develop new antibiotics, polymers, electrolytes, and so much more.

While the options for quantum computing uses may seem endless, the enterprise is still deciding if this is all just a pipe dream or a future reality.

TechRepublic Premium recently surveyed 598 professionals to learn what they know about quantum computing and what they don’t. This report will fill in some of those gaps.

The survey asked the following questions:

  • How would you describe your understanding of quantum computing?
  • What company do you think is furthest along with quantum computing?
  • What kind of impact will quantum computing have on your industry?
  • Which industry will benefit most from quantum computing?
  • Would your company have a use for quantum computing as a service?

Quantum computing is unknown territory for almost all of the survey respondents, as 90% stated that they had little to no understanding of the topic. In fact, only 11% of the 598 respondents said they had an “excellent” understanding of quantum computing.

Further, 36% of respondents said they were not sure which company was leading the race to develop a quantum computer. IBM got 28% of the votes, and Google got 18%. 1QBit and D-Wave each got 6% of votes. Honeywell came in at 3%.

In terms of industry impact, more than half of the respondents (58%) said that quantum computing will have either a significant impact or somewhat of an impact on the enterprise. While all industries will benefit through different use cases because quantum computing allows data to be consumed and processed faster while using less energy, 42% of survey respondents said IT would benefit the most. The pharmaceutical and finance sectors followed at 14% and 12%, respectfully.

To read all of the survey results, plus analysis, download the full report.

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