Severe weather and emergency policy


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  • Published December 2, 2020
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This policy offers guidelines for responding to severe weather events and other emergencies. It covers the ramifications of closing the company, what steps to follow if the company is open but staff can’t get to work, how to notify staff of current developments, and how to pay personnel during these situations.

From the policy:

Policy guidelines
Severe weather conditions or other unexpected events that infringe upon or prevent normal business operations or place personnel in jeopardy will be the basis of decisions involving the closing of one or more company locations. Senior management will be responsible for determining whether to close the facility (or facilities) during the following situations:
  • Chemical spills, gas leaks, or downed power lines
  • Dangerous activities (terrorist attacks, shootings, etc.)
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Flooding
  • Hurricane
  • Mudslides
  • Power outage
  • Snow storm or ice storm
  • Terrorist attack/Violence/Rioting
  • Tornado
  • Pandemic
Where possible, advance notice should be given to employees regarding the status of the company when it appears likely that one of these conditions will justify making the decision to close, such as when meteorologists predict a significant storm is en route to the area or the governor has asked all residents of the state to remain off the streets.

If one of the above conditions occurs nearby but not in direct proximity to the company, senior management will decide whether the company remains open. If the decision is made to continue normal business operations, note that employees living in the affected areas (or who must commute through these regions) may be affected.

Employees should always be encouraged to do what makes them feel safest in these scenarios, whether remaining at home or at work until the situation has resolved, but their decisions could affect their pay.

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