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Active Directory in W2000 Server Issues

By srd ·
Can anyone suggest additional sources of information on Active Directory? For instance, in order to configure a domain controller do you have to have A/D enabled? Can you disable/remove A/D once it has been installed? We are experiencing problemswith A/D and have not found it to be well documented. Your help in pointing me to sources is most appreciated.

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Active Directory

by Larry23 In reply to Active Directory in W2000 ...

Try the Microsoft Press books. There is one titled MCSE Training Kit Premium Edition - MS Windows 2000 Active Directory Services.

You can configure a DC without AD being installed.

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How? We are talking Win2000 right?

by DBlizzard In reply to Active Directory

According to Microsoft:
"Promoting a server to a domain controller is the process of installing Active Directory Services on that server"

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Active Directory on W2K

by skkzarg_death In reply to Active Directory in W2000 ...

Bad news, you cannot have a W2K DC without using AD. The post above may be referencing NT, which initially did not use AD.

Realize that since a W2K DC requires AD, and AD requires DNS, and W2K DC can give some problems during the initial installand config. Searching Microsoft is a good start, altho their deployment guide is about 1k pages.

If your having a specific problem or set of problems, describe them and we will all try to help. I just walked into a network that was built wrong and have spent the last few weeks troubleshooting the AD, so maybe someone here has seen what your going thru.


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by Larry23 In reply to Active Directory on W2K

Skkz is absolutly right!
For the DC, you need AD and DNS.
If you have a member server, you do not need active directory on that particular server.

If you want to remove AD from a DC, thus making your DC a member server, you use DCPromo.exe. - but you must have at least 1 DC.

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Active Directory

by seanevans In reply to Active Directory in W2000 ...

Microsoft Press has a good selection of titles for AD. Also search for a book called the Active Directory Survival Guide. AD DC's are tempermental at first and if your A) DNS is acting up, 2) Your namespace is out of whack with DNS, 3) the DC's are not time synch'd, things are not going to work right. I fought an installation for two weeks only to find out that in order for security policies to replicate to other DC's every server has to have the same time.

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by DBlizzard In reply to Active Directory in W2000 ...

To remove Active Dir run DCPROMO.

There are many helpfull Docs at the Microsoft web site. The end of this article should help.

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