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Apple Password / Phone reset

By Elle D ·
Tags: Apple
Help me
I gave my son my old iPhone 8 and logged him in with his Apple ID and password no problem. But he hasn’t used it in a while - when we turned it back on its asking for his password - which we have forgotten. So I used the ‘I forgot’ password option and the recovery email is supposed to come to my email - which is has done before. But no email came. I waited and tried again … no email.
So I chatted with Apple Support for an hour and half, where they talked me though all the same steps I had already done – didn’t work. So they passed me to a senior advisor who walked me through the same steps again – didn’t work. The final answer (*an hour and half later) was there was nothing I can do to fix this problem. There can be no reset without the email coming to me and that was the end of the chat ….. which days later still didn’t come.
I tried password recovery again the following week. Didn’t work. I answered recovery questions – but they say incorrect. I contact apple support again. I’m taken through all the same steps again. Then passed to another senior advisor – who does all the same steps .. again! Then after almost an hour I’m told it needs to go to a phone tech who will call me. They call me but the connection is so poor I cannot hear what they are saying and it sounds muffled and poor quality. Then they call back three times but nobody is on the other end … just silence.
So in frustration and a week of trying I decided to ignore all this and just create a new ID for my son and forget his old one. So I create one on my phone and then attempt to sign out of his phone to input the new ID but I cant !!! I need the password for the old one – that we don’t have. So I try to reset the phone … to hopefully start from scratch. But no …. I now need a ‘screen time passcode’ … I have never even heard of that before. So I cant even restore the phone.
So I plug phone into iTunes. It wants me to update the iPhone before things can happen … ok … I download the update .. that takes 2 hours …. Then I tunes tells me it cannot update phone for unknown reason…. Ok whatever ….
I hit restore phone button anyway ….And try to restore the phone that way. But it tells me I need to turn off ‘find my iPhone’ first before it can restore phone ….. ok …. So I open that on his phone and try to turn off but its asking for the password that we DON’T HAVE!!!
Help me ! I've given up on a password reset for now ... and just want to restore the phone so I can log in with her new ID
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Not sure this is going to be any help, but,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Apple Password / Phone re ...

I was looking at the password reset options at and after entering my Apple ID, it asked for the phone number used with that ID.
I did not proceed any further than that as I did not really want to change my password but on previous occasions when I have done the reset for someone else, the choices were a two factor authentication routine to the phone or email to an address you specified.
I think the actual line they used was "we will send instructions to your email address ending in ..........."
Did you see anything like that?
Check out this page:
Also, the ‘screen time passcode’ is used when Parental Controls are activated to restrict the amount of time the iPhone can be used for.

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by Joejoe345 In reply to Apple Password / Phone re ...

Trying to purchase things couldn’t have apple account now

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Apple Password Problem

by dailyupdatesWW In reply to Apple Password / Phone re ...

Create another account buddy. without email. there is no way to reset your password.

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