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Domain User profiles migration (three domains to another)

By campomario ·
I am in charge of moving people in, from three companies and their AD to ours.
Many things are pretty straight forward, migrating their accounts for instance but we need to get all their local stuff user settings, browser favorites, documents and so on from their current computer to the new PC's they will get arriving here.

Is there any way to back up all the user profiles on their PC's and restore to their new user on the new PC's, on our domain?
In many cases their user name will also change.. :-/
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Centralized User Profile migration

by RichiePadang In reply to Domain User profiles migr ...

I would definitely use User Profile Central from EhlerTech.

I think it one and only really good solution for this.
User Profile Central is basicly using USMT but it somehow pushes USMT to evry client and runs it remotely. Data is stored on a network share.

You only need to install User Profile Central on one or more Technicians PC's on each domain and can run everything from that PC.

(One thing is that you need a Domain user who is local Administrator on ALL PC's on the domain! )

Then move over the backups to the new domain and restore to the new PC's :-)

Every time a person is getting a new PC we backup the users profile over network with UPC (while they work on the PC!! ), and restore to the new PC so it is ready with all the users settings when it is collected.

It is a very popular tool with our technicians and makes our users happy.
Richie - Systems integrator - Empire industries Mumbai

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USMTGUI and UPC XML files updated

by the1566998294 In reply to Centralized User Profile ...

Hi there

My XML files has been updated again for 20H2 and also fine tuned towards not getting to much unnecessary debris (temp stuff etc.) over.
- The latest Edge Chromium is of course included along with Chrome and FireFox

Note that the EhlerTech improved and custom XML files are also freely available for usage with for instance SCCM, MDT or Kace K2000..

A Merry Christmas and Happy migrating to you all out there!


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Other tools

by Kmackin In reply to Centralized User Profile ...

If you want a deeper migration, you can use our tool. It delivers many more important settings than USMT.

It plugs into many deployment methods, including SCCM, kace, Kaseya, and others.

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Just wanted to follow up

by RichiePadang In reply to Other tools

We just reviewed our user migration scenario, checking out optional tools. With our PC number, around 1100, the cheapest option was $19000 which is way out of our league :-O

Also none of the tools has the centralized command center functionality that User Profile Central has.
Now that we start moving to Azure Ehlertech even has a tool for that as well, included in the package.

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