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Five free encryption apps to protect sensitive data

By tcavadias Staff ·
Protecting customers' personal data is vitally important to the future success of every organization. Encrypting that data with one of these apps is a good place to start.

1. BitLocker Device Encryption
2. FileVault 2
3. VeraCrypt
4. AxCrypt
5. AESCrypt

What do you use to protect customers personal data?

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good tools

by maxdavis024 In reply to Five free encryption apps ...

I think these tools are really good for data to be encrypted.

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by louiscoleman In reply to Five free encryption apps ...

Does using a VPN advisable? I've heard a lot about it protecting your data and I'm using one on my android and as of now, everything is fine.

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by indigofurr In reply to VPN

I've been using Surfshark for some time now (in fact I asked for help choosing VPN here, very helpful community). These apps are for file encryption and VPN encrypts your online traffic, these are two different things. if you use public wi-fi a lot or travel a lot them IMHO VPN is extremely useful.

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Best encryption app to protect customers personal data

by tejas_ambekar In reply to Five free encryption apps ...

BitLocker Device Encryption is realy good for protecting cutsomers personal data. Because it is very easy to use and it’s already integrated into your Windows OS, so there’s no need for another encryption software; and you can use to prevent data breaches and data exfiltration from your hard disk. It encrypts your entire drive, which makes it impossible for malicious actors stealing your data from hard drive and read your files.

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Is it really secure?

by Flawey In reply to Five free encryption apps ...

I prefer to use VPN and Tor browser for my security on the web and I've never thought about the apps you recommend. But are they really encrypted ones? Or I may lose all my data after using it..

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Some more are

by palakbisht011 In reply to Five free encryption apps ...

1.cyber ghost
2.Express VPN
3.HTTPs Everywhere

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