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Hi Guys, Can i use MacBook Pro for Virtualization?

By pradeepsteas ·
Tags: Cloud, Mac, Linux
Hi Guys,

Am planning a buy a used MacBook pro laptop for virtualization tasks. Please guide me for a best model to look for and how to avoid faulty MacBook's
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What do you consider faulty?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Hi Guys, Can i use MacBoo ...

That butterfly keyboard or something else?

I know Louis Rossmann (see the web) has a lot of models he thinks have design defects but I can't list them all here. Used might be cheaper but with no warranty you better research that model and see if Louis mentions it and why.

Yes, Apple claims they fixed that keyboard but still so many failures.

PS. As to the topic title question, almost all models can run Virtual Box or something else. But I can't know if you meant something other than "can I" so let's get some clarification here.

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Re: faulty MacBook

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Hi Guys, Can i use MacBoo ...

If a refurbished one comes from a shop you trust, has the hardware specifications (like CPU, RAM, SSD, screen) you need, comes with at least one year warranty and runs OK, I'd say can't be faulty,

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