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How can I change the Start Up Login/Lockscreen Screen Picture?

By pascalburo94 ·
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As of right now, whenever I turn the computer on, the default initial login/lockscreen picture is some colorful picture from MacOS Monterey. That's cool and all, but I want to change it to my own picture so that as soon as I turn it on, I see said picture . So far, the login/lockscreen picture only changes to the one that I prefer after having logged in for the first time (after starting up the computer).

Is there some hack to change the start up login/lockscreen picture to my own preferred picture?
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Re: screen

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How can I change the Star ...

This recent post on an Apple forum makes me think it's difficult or impossible:

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Read the link Kees provided.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How can I change the Star ...

"I’ve just found out the reason why I get a personal login wallpaper, it’s because I’m a single user with guest user login turned off. With guest user turned on it does show the default purple wallpaper. "

It looks to be arcane (not well known.) So read all the replies there and hope you can work with the guest user login turned off.

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