How cloud computing works in future for redefining the digitalized world?

By johannick722 ·
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What do you think, what will be the part of the cloud for redefining the digitalized world in the future?
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No matter what I've read...

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How cloud computing works ...

The cloud is someone else's computer so there's that.

What I do like is how the advancements usually mean that when a computer in the cloud fails it usually doesn't bring down the entire site or system.

The part of the cloud that is being redefined is the computers that make up the cloud. I'm still seeing advances there.

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Then FACEBOOK went offline.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to No matter what I've read. ...

FACEBOOK went completely offline a few days back showing us again that cloud computing is just as unreliable as what we had before.

Not the first time, won't be the last.

Yet, those that SELL THE CLOUD will continue to peddle big lies.

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Operate Business from Anywhere in the World

by johnmethewdevit In reply to How cloud computing works ...

Storing almost 90% of companies' data on the cloud will speed up the world into digital transformation. Currently, companies are adopting cloud Migration and a few years later they will almost develop all software and application direct in cloud-based to avoid any sort of security as well as downtime issues while accessing or using it anywhere from the world.

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