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How do I choose the right Cloud Hosting provider?

By Jain D ·
Want to run my website in Cloud Hosting, Is there any data breach while doing this?
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Re: hosting

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to How do I choose the right ...

Can you explain the difference between a cloud hosting provider and a non-cloud hosting provider, why the difference is important and why you prefer a hoster from the first category?

And to answer your two questions:
1. Choose a provider that meets your (other) requirements.
2. There shouldn't.

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The cloud is insecure. Example: the misuse of employee credentials

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How do I choose the right ...

Once the data is in the cloud, the misuse of employee credentials can give access to all that is at your site.

That's just one example of many out there which didn't exist if you had your own server under lock and key at your office.

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Here are some points through cloud hosting provider can be selected

by jessehale777 In reply to How do I choose the right ...

a) Certifications & Standards
b) Technologies & Service Roadmap
c) Information Security, Information Governance, and Business policies
d) Service Dependencies & Partnerships
e) Contracts, Commercials & SLAs
f) Responsibility & Performance
g) Migration Support, trafficker Lock & Exit designing
h) Business health & Company profile

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Choosing the right Cloud Hosting Provider

by jimmywick90 In reply to How do I choose the right ...

Choosing the best:-
You will have to evaluate the options that different providers offer and look at how they would support your unique business characteristics and objectives.

Few Elements should be considered:-
1. Cloud Architecture: Think about how the architecture will be incorporated into your workflows now and in the future.
2. Cloud Security:- Understand what are your security goals and the security measures that are offered by each provider.
3. Cloud Compliance:- Cloud architecture platform that can help you meet compliance standards that apply to your industry and organization.
4. Cost:- Cost plays a big role.
5. Support:- Another important aspect. If you need help, you should able to get it quickly and simply.

Understand all these elements and choose your provider.
Jim W

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You should ask below question to choose a cloud computing provider

by michaeldonal18 In reply to How do I choose the right ...

1. What cloud computing services do you provide
2. How secure is your cloud computing
3. Where will my data be stored
4. How will my business be able to access the cloud
5. What is your pricing structure
6. How do you handle regulatory compliance
7. What customer support services do you offer

Before choosing a cloud services provider, discuss all the above points with your cloud services provider.

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