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How long does video doorbell data stay available in the cloud

By 1woodward1 ·
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Without going into details, the police are investigating on my behalf a theft of property that happened two months ago. The police officer said to me that they can access video data from a "Ring" make video doorbell from the cloud as the information is not deleted. When I have looked at sellers information about video doorbells they state that it is only available in the UK for 30 days.
Does anyone know if video data is deleted after 30 days or do the police have investigative powers to retrieve data after a longer period.
Thank you in advance of any replies.
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Time to ask the company that stores this data.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to How long does video doorb ...

And the police. Any other source would be guessing.

This is why many add in some memory card and when an event happens you copy out the video or disconnect the doorbell unit to preserve the "chain of evidence."

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I was hoping for a definitive answer

by 1woodward1 In reply to Time to ask the company t ...

Thank you for replying. I can't ask the company as they will just give me a customer answer. The police officer was fairly confident he could access video data as he said it stays in the cloud indefinitely. I was hoping someone could confirm this is true. You seem to say only the police or the company will know this answer.

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That is the right answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I was hoping for a defini ...

There is no guarantee past the 30/60 days but as you guess, it might stick around longer as you read the web such as

Now if there is a subpoena then the data can last longer such as "Preservation. Upon receipt of a lawful and binding request Ring will preserve requested information for up to 90 days unless Ring receives a preservation extension, in which case the information will be preserved for an additional 90 days (for a total of up to 180 days). Please note that the preservation process may be rejected if the data to be preserved is not clearly specified and/or the details required to locate the data are not provided." -

But all this is moot as when you download the video, it is kept as long as you wish.

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Thank you so much

by 1woodward1 In reply to That is the right answer.

That is a fantastic and informative answer. Thank you so much.

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Reply to how long data stays in cloud

by JohnPhil07 In reply to How long does video doorb ...

The data generally stored for around 60 days, but it can also get deleted earlier to make room for new data storage.
The company might provide the data if it's for legal purposes, according to the details provided.

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