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Installing older app versions to iPhone 4S without having downloaded before

By shugarysubstances ·
How can I go about this? I have no other Apple products to download and then use the same account. I literally just want youtube on it because that's where I listen to music, and to be honest I'm far too lazy to download my whole playlist and import it into iTunes. (this is not music that can even be found on iTunes, let alone purchased.) findoldapps seems to be dead and all other topics on this are so old they're no longer relevant. This is my first time actually owning and using anything Apple related because I really don't like them, but I don't want a newer smartphone (if I could have a flip phone, I would) and iPhones seem to be the ones that still function the best in 2021. (this phone was also $3 at a thrift store, so.)
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I didn't own other Apple products.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Installing older app vers ...

I installed iTunes on my PC, signed up (it's free) and then could update the iPhones and install apps from the app store.

Old YouTube versions don't work as Google changed YouTube on the web so I can only guess you thought you would install an old version for an unknown reason (it's not clear to me why in your post.) might be easier as it sidesteps the iTunes method.

-> To be complete, any other method would be very advanced such as Jailbreaking the phone and well, more work than I'll write any day of this century.

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