Is my iPhone hacked or just my imagination?

By hilltop1980 ·
I fear my iPhone may have been hacked. The latest reason for suspicion is that the person in question let slip they were receiving Argos collection texts. I wasn’t however I WAS receiving the email alerts. I checked on my account and I hadn’t updated my new number.

Long story short, I changed my old number against my partners wishes. Could he still be receiving texts destined to my old number? That’s if he had indeed been able to clone the old number or something? Is it possible?

He has tricked me in the past by disguising his number as another number in my contacts.

Am I going mad?
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I'm calling it "the new normal."

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Is my iPhone hacked or ju ...

There are so many scammers and scams now that you can expect to get texts and more from the scammers. Since you mention Argos I took a moment to look into that and found it's a common scam method. Here's what Argos writes on their site:
"Argos will never contact you via SMS about credit refunds or credit limit increases. Anyone can be targeted (not just Argos customers) and fraudulent texts often request personal information or ask you to confirm information."

-> EMAIL ALERTS have no connection to your phone number. Two very different things. If you changed your phone number and then connected your email up, you didn't cut off the email alerts. I think you can figure this out now.

Bottom line. As it stands today the scammers are growing in both numbers and audacity. Block them, never reply to them.

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I agree with this....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to I'm calling it "the new n ...

It reminds me about emails or texts from Wells Fargo or PayPal telling me that my account was shut down due to suspected fraud when I have never had an account with either one. The messages almost always include either a link to to an internet site or encourage me to call an unidentified phone # to resolve the issue. I never do either suggestion, just delete it.

Sadly this type of thing is nothing new and you must be constantly be aware of potential fraud activity.

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I agree

by teamperception In reply to I'm calling it "the new n ...

Yea I completely agree, scammers are definitely getting more and more prominent and it is important to be extra careful now with technologies. Many of our information are already floating all around the internet.

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by Cyberhuntersecurit In reply to Is my iPhone hacked or ju ...

the problem with the technology right now is the security of one's privacy (personal numbers/info) the faster the technology grows the faster the security decreases. what you are receiving is a kind of spams which hackers usually do. just be careful with replying with those kind of messages and argos does not use sms when contacting with the clients

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