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Is Vista Doomed from the Start?

By atroon ·
I was discussing this with a friend the other day, and we noticed a pattern in Microsoft's software. All of it was launched with great hype and fanfare and touted as a 'good' product, but the results have been mixed. Going all the way back to 1986:

DOS 4.2: BAD
DOS 6.0: BAD
DOS 6.22: GOOD
Windows 3.0: BAD
Windows 3.1: GOOD
Windows 95: BAD
Windows NT/98: GOOD
Windows ME: BAD
Windows 2000/XP: GOOD
Windows Vista: ?

I have used all these OS's with the exception of Vista, and these are my experiences. Anyone have similar experiences?

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You're Also Not Innocent

by Ole Man In reply to Vista not guilty until pr ...

of piracy or theft until you prove to Microsoft you are (using their tools and methods, of course), if you're using XP or Vista.

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But it gets better

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to You're Also Not Innocent

I have one Government Department that I do some work for who started out with a Volume License of XP Pro which was supplied by their IT section and installed on all the new hardware that was fitted at the same time.

Being Bureaucrats they couldn't get the system to work as they had, had a Bureaucrat do the purchasing and effectively had several hundred work-groups connected together to that they eventually had all 2,500 computer connected to a LAN of some nonworking description. When it wouldn't work they farmed out the work and somehow I got stuck with it BIG MISTAKE THERE! since the original fix where we went in and installed Y2K servers and setup a Domain on their hardware with the Y2K being supplied directly to the Government Agency by MS we've had some minor problems. Like every time a Service Pack becomes available they get a message that they do not have Genuine MS Software. This is because MS locks up that product key and then we have to get a new one change the Product Keys on all the computers well the XP ones at least and then allow the System Admin to do their job. Apparently the Government IT section no longer accepts calls from this office and they are instructed to contact us directly.

Also being a Government Department they move their staff around quite often so much so that every time that this problem has arisen the current System Admin doesn't know what's happening rings me up accusing me of selling pirate software and abuses me for what they have bought. That in itself wouldn't be quite so bad but they then ring up the MS Anti Piracy Hotline and make a complaint about my company as well and we had absolutely nothing at all to do with the supply of anything but we are to blame.

So far we have had to change the Product Key for SP1, SP2 & WGA and with 3 complaints about a major amount of Supposedly Pirate Software to MS this doesn't help get replacement Product Keys.

Personally I'm sick & tired of attempting to deal with MS on this particular installation, I'm feed up with the constant quips about stealing from both the Government and MS by both parties and what's far worse I don't get paid anywhere near enough to put up with this rubbish. It's not only me but every one of my staff cops exactly the same thing from the foolish Bureaucrat and when we show the original purchase order as we've had to get a copy of this and now I have every staff member carry a copy on them we are then told that it's wrong and we are lier's.

MS Legal I can handle quite easily but the Petty Foolish Bureaucrats are a totally different story. I just wish I could kill one to shut them all up permanently.


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Software Prophecy

by Ole Man In reply to But it gets better

You'rs is just one more testament to a software meltdown (better known as "revolution"). This is what happens when a government, or product, becomes impossibly overbearing and controlling.
Check your "watch" this time next year and look at the results.

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Yeah, right; smash a mosquitoe on a windshield...

by Media-Ted In reply to But it gets better

and you'll wipe out the scourge of malaria worldwide.

I say, pull all reason and reliable support from Bureaucrats and Gov't will collapse in on itself. Don't help them! Let them die because they s**t where they eat and visa-versa.

DO$ 4 wiped out the IRS for a while; that's why IT avoided it. Let M$ and Gov't duke it out alone, should be an interesting blood-bath, and - hey, maybe Gov't will finally take M$ out of the game. We sure can't.

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by Ole Man In reply to But it gets better

Might not be a bad idea to offer encouragement to the front-line troops, huh? Even if they're in a losing battle, they deserve a little support.

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Complete List of Windows Versions

by NDYNAMICS In reply to Is Vista Doomed from the ...

Well, if we're going to do this, at least let's get the list correct.

This does not include MS-DOS, although there were a couple of DOS releases that had a Windows-like shell. It also ignores all the embedded, phone, PDA, and automotive versions)

Microsoft Bob? Can we consider that a "released" version of Windows?

Windows 1.0 1985 Graphical Operating Environment
Windows 2.0 1987 Overlapping windows
Windows/286 1988 80286 protected mode
Windows/386 1988 80386 multiple virtual DOS systems
Windows 3.0 1990
Windows 3.1 1992
Windows NT 3.1
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 1993
Windows NT 3.50 Workstation
Windows NT 3.50 Server
Windows 95
Windows NT 3.51 Workstation
Windows NT 3.51 Server
Windows 95 OSR2
Windows 95 OSR2.1
Windows 95 OSR2.5
Windows 98
Windows 98 SE (Second Edition)
Windows Me (Millenium Edition)
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
Windows NT 4.0 Server
Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Edition
Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Server
Windows 2000 Professional
Windows 2000 Server
Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2000 Datacenter Server
Windows XP Home Edition
Windows XP Professional
Windows XP 64-Bit Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2004
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2003 64-Bit Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Standard Edition
Windows Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition
Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition
Windows Server 2003 R2 Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2003 R2 64-Bit Enterprise Edition
Windows Server 2003 R2 Datacenter Edition
Windows Server 2003 R2 Web Edition
Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition
Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Premium Edition

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A few More

by georgeV In reply to Complete List of Windows ...

Windows for Workgroups Version 3.0 was bad
Windows for Workgroups 3.11 good
Small business server was released on NT 3.1 and NT 4.0 as well as NT 4.5 .

But, The original post is about Desktop not Server operating systems. None of the above truely apply.
The list can be shortened, by considering base versions - extensions as options. Thus XP, XP-SP1, while not Tablet, Mutimedia, etc. They being extensions.
My reasoning that many Microsoft products were made useable in the revision - not the original release. ( WFW-3.0 vs WFW-3.11, W98 vs W98-SP2, SBS-4.0 vs SBS-4.5, etc )

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Wrong title

by Kiltie In reply to Complete List of Windows ...

to your post
"Complete List of Windows Versions"

It is a good coverage, but not a complete list.

Indeed I noted in my post above entitled
"Here is a (not) complete list"
that many of the sources I used were in themselves incomplete. I point out that the list I gave was itself not complete.

It is a very tricky project to produce a complete list, but the one I found that came closest to that was:

Check it out sometime.

It has a nice perspective in that it tries to show graphically, the parallel development lines.

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Microsoft Bob? Can we consider that a "released" version of Windows?

by beowulf_cam In reply to Complete List of Windows ...

If not released, then certainly escaped, hunted down and shot.

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Bleeding heck, 26 variants since the year 2000

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Complete List of Windows ...

That's not counting the service packs and security upgrades. Yet some MS supporters have the audacity to ***** about a single Linux variant, or Mac, which issues an updated system every 6 months (which most do) - you can't really class Red Hat as the same OS as SuSE even if they're based on the same thing. And all the Linux variants I've seen can easily do everything that all those Windows variants do.

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