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Liability Insurance

By uteman1011 ·
My son and a few friends are getting ready to launch a mobile app. We're wondering if there is a "go-to" insurance company for companies that develop mobile apps?

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What type of liability ?

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Liability Insurance

I can't imagine why you might need liability insurance for a mobile application. What type of application is it ? My impression of mobile applications is "use at your own risk". If you are working with a development or hosting company, they should be able to clarify and/or suggest a solution.

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Social Networking

by uteman1011 In reply to What type of liability ?

Think of a dating app with a couple twists. They're taking it in more of a networking direction. They've got some very large VC's interested and the feedback they've gotten from the industry are extremely positive. I'm just trying to help him cover all bases and insurance seems like a good protection in the case a user does something stupid/crazy. It seems there's been quite a few lawsuits in the dating site/app world over the years.

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Get a lawyer. Really!

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Liability Insurance

I've yet to encounter such a need and I worked on as well as created apps both mobile and desktop for decades.

The only time we considered insurance was something highly specific and for that the company we developed the app for bore all the responsibility, not us. And yes, lawyers were involved.

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Good advice

by uteman1011 In reply to Get a lawyer. Really!

I've considered that (a lawyer). At some point, if it takes off, then for sure we'll get set up with a lawyer. They have gotten a lawyer to review their legal disclaimers. We live in sue-happy society so just hoping to cover his bases.

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At this stage it should be a one time meeting.

by proffitt In reply to Good advice

Just to get a reading on if it's something that creates a liability.

For example, is this some Anti-Mask, Anti-Vax app?
Maybe a "Can I drive if I'm drunk?" App?

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You might have missed that

by uteman1011 In reply to At this stage it should b ...

As I said earlier; a Social Networking app with a dating component.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to You might have missed tha ...

With a nod to I have to ask:

Do you have a Cybersecurity team on this venture?

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Protect your business with Professional Indemnity Insurance

by fpl123online In reply to Liability Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a protection to your business from lawsuits that may arise out of negligence, errors and omissions, defamation, intellectual property rights infringement, etc.

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