Macrium Reflect free -Making recovery USB and System image

By barrym999 ·
I'm about to use Macrium Reflect free to make a bootable USB recovery drive and then to make a System Image using Macrium. I am a bit confused with things I've seen about MBR/UEFI and other alien phrases so can anyone answer each question (Simply, if you can as I am not very techie))

1. I have no idea if my HP 8000 Elite PC running Windows 10 Home edition (v.19042.1110) is MBR/UEFI capable or not. So, how do I format the USB bootable stick before creating a recovery disk on it ie. as NTFS, FAT32 or exFAT ?. I also have been confused references to what will be recognised by my system as "bootable on startup" so need guidance on how to set it up so that my system will boot from it.??

2. For making the actual system image itself can I back that up onto an external hard drive as opposed to using a 64gb USB stick ?? That way, in the event of a failure, the idea is to recover using the recovery stick and then do a restore from an external drive. Will that work??

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me
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There are nice priors about this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Macrium Reflect free -Mak ...

I avoid duplicating the web so let's just write: looks to be complete.

As to question 2, that's what we do to clone the copy back to the internal drive. Yes it works here UNLESS there's some other issue like a failed HDD or other hardware failure.

Back to question 1, HP forums writes no to UEFI.
MBR is not a BIOS question so the answer is yes.

-> You only need UEFI to boot from a GPT disk and this applies only to Windows.

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