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Need help regarding Barcode scanner implementation

By darshpreetkaur891 ·
I fond of photography and have been capturing images of various landscapes where ever I go. I am planning to create my website on which I would allow my visitors to download my photos only after agreeing to my terms and conditions and after scanning with barcode reader.

Is it possible to implement the same? Kindly help
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How many of them own a barcode scanner?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Need help regarding Barco ...

While I own one it's in storage as the project I built was over 10 years ago.

So few own barcode scanners that I fear your sales will be few.

Why do this?

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Most modern cell phones

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to How many of them own a ba ...

......have barcode scanner applications or can be downloaded free today. No need to buy a dedicated barcode scanner

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I fear the OP is just a spammer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Most modern cell phones

Why would we need a barcode scanner if we are on their web site?

As it stands they are most likely just posting this as spam SEO.

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Please suggest its alternative

by darshpreetkaur891 In reply to How many of them own a ba ...

can you suggest best possible alternative to this feature? if any idea.

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Re: barcode scanner

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Please suggest its altern ...

It's possible, of course, to generate a barcode or a QR-code or and put its picture on the screen in a browser.
Then the user would need to decode the code and have a way to input the result as an answer.

Can you explain what info in your barcode would contain, what device the user would use to decode it and how the result is returned to your site?

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by darshpreetkaur891 In reply to Re: barcode scanner

I will use mobile to scan the barcode and result will be returned using server-side scanning to decode it.

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What an awful idea.

by proffitt In reply to Barcode

What about the others that are using their desktop, laptop, etc without a camera? Why complicate the sale process like this?

Maybe you left out something important like you want them to pay with those QR Coded Apple Gift Card but didn't tell us.

Your spam post was dismissed and has drawn some attention from the moderators.

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Sorry if you feel my post is spam

by darshpreetkaur891 In reply to What an awful idea.

I do not want to sell my photos instead I want to allow them to use for personal purpose only.

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Then watermark them and be done with it.

by proffitt In reply to Sorry if you feel my post ...

The system you noted is an impediment to getting your name out there. Just watermark them (how is all over the web) and get them out there.

If you feel these are saleable then on the web site offer a contact method for clean versions. NEVER put these up on the web because they will be gone forever.

I removed your spammy reply above.

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Re: spam

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Sorry if you feel my post ...

It wasn't your thread starter that was considered spam. It was your post about UPC and brands, that was totally off-topic.

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