Not able to add my Gmail accounts to Microsoft 365 Outlook

By jasonknight641 ·
Tags: Windows
I recently acquired Microsoft 365 and am trying to set up the mail program on my PC running Win10pro.

I have verified that IMAP forwarding is enabled in my Gmail accounts that I'm trying to add. I have also verified that the IMAP port settings are correct.
ie; Incoming mail server: port 993
Outgoing mail server: port 465
Encryption method: SSL/TLS for both, which is the default.

For experiment's sake, I also tried adding via POP, which is also enabled in the gmail accounts, but got the same error message:

"Something went wrong

We couldn't create the Outlook data file. Make sure the disk you're saving to isn't full or write-protected and that the file isn't being used."

The error message comes up before being prompted for the email account password.

I was able to all accounts easily to Thunderbird, which is the mail program on my laptop, but the only account I was successfully able to add to Outlook is my hotmail account.

Any ideas?
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Re: gmail in Outlook 365 via iMap

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Not able to add my Gmail ...

It should create an .ost file in \Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook . Maybe there is one already?
What happens if your create a file with such a name yourself?

Also see . Maybe some of it applies? The last suggestion (do it in the mail app and tell Outlook to use those settings seems an idea to try.

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And ...

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Not able to add my Gmail ...

Why not simply use Thunderbird on your PC? You're used to it, from your laptop. Do you think Outlook is better?

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**** off troll

by jasonknight641 In reply to And ...

My post wasn't about whether I should use Thunderbird on all my devices. It was about getting Outlook to work. You're too stupid to be able to read and comprehend simple English, let alone be helpful in any way.

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Couple of points

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not able to add my Gmail ...

First of which is you need to tell us what you have and what it is doing to get help.

Just saying you are running Win 10 Pro and want to get G Mail to a 356 Office account which may or may not have Outlook is sort of impossible to answer.

Also calling a Moderator here a Troll and suggesting that they disappear probably isn't overly clever as they have the power to delete user accounts and at the very least make posts disappear and they after all are only human.

Anyway the best answer I can suggest here is look at your ISP and ask them how to setup your system to accept their details. They will of course ask you a lot of questions to find out what you have and possibly even want to remote in to setup the system to work.

Of course if this is a company system it may breach Company Policy and result in Immediate Dismissal when discovered so if that is the case the proper way to proceed is contact the Companies IT Department and get them to setup the system.

The problem here is that with so little information of what is being used I'm not even sure that IMAP is the correct protocol to use so I can not offer anything further.

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"IMAP forwarding"?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Not able to add my Gmail ...

I'm reading

"Automatically forward Gmail messages to another account"

Are you sure you meant to write forwarding?

Why I ask is that with forwarding I won't use the email settings.

-> Also, setup to access Gmail does not look trivial as I read

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