Question Who provides the best online CCNA course? Price is not an issue

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Hi all,

I'm trying to study for the CCNA. I'm doing my research to purchase an online course for self-study. After I did my research, there are many courses from Udemy, Pearson, CBT nuggets, INE, youtube. Who provides the best online CCNA course? Price is not an issue
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by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Question Who provides the ...

I'm afraid there is no official comparison ranking different courses. There might not even be an unofficial one, but if it exists Google will find them for you.
Also, it's unlikely there are many people taking multiple courses and publish a comparison.
Moreover, they might not agree, like different comparisons of antivirus programs have different rankings. Even asking something much more common, such as "what is the best car" you will find different answers,

It also depends on "best". A good criterion might be the one with the highest percentage of people passing the test the first time. Or the lowest percentage of people that quit before after failing to pass. Or the lowest percentage of people quitting in their first run. Or the highest average score they pass with.
Whatever it is, I doubt if any of this is public information.

If no luck, see if you can find reviews of individual courses. But that's a little bit like A movie can get 1/10 from one person and 10/10 from another.
Or try a few free ones (if those exist) and compare yourself.
Or simply buy a few books and forget about online. Use Google search to find more about things you don't understand from your books.

Best of luck with your study. I hope it's the start of a good career.

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