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The worst headphone ever! Aipods 2020

Man oh man! Been on customer support with my less than 6 months headphones cutting out!

Two options:

1. They suggested travelling 100 miles during COVID-19 National Lockdown in the UK to a Apple Store. Imagine being pulled up by the Police and telling them this is what Apple Inc advised LOL.

2. Let apple take a pre-authorised payment from your bank to cover new head phones, repair or any discreptencies.

APPLE are becoming a joke!

Paid £269 for the headphones 6 months ago and guess what???

THEY ARE NOT FIT FOR PUPOSE and become embarrassing during conference calls and cutting out...

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Covered under the 1 year warranty,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to The worst headphone ever! ...

unless there is something that you are not sharing.


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I am aware of the warranty

by JDJORDAN2021 In reply to Covered under the 1 year ...

If you read my message. I am stating the two available options to sort of my Apple headphones, that being non Covid-19 friendly and the other being non financially friendly.

The AirPods are so poor they can not be used or seen as reliable during conference calls.

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So they worked at first?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I am aware of the warrant ...

Products, even Apple ones fail which is why there is a warranty.

If you maintain that any product that fails inside warranty or fails at all then there is very little gear left that won't be "the worst."

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Apple Not Helping Themselves Here

by nathantipping In reply to The worst headphone ever! ...

Sounds like very poor customer service to me!

It's a weird one because I've never had a problem with Apple's customer service, however, on this occasion, they have not looked after you.

Hope you get this sorted!

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Maybe a little twisting of the facts,

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Apple Not Helping Themsel ...

my experience with returning a device to Apple. has always been positive.
If the item is under warranty, and you cannot get to an Apple Store, they will ship you a box in which to return the item. No charge so far and no pre-authorised payment.
They will take a look at the item, check for physical damage/water damage, and either repair it or send it back to you with a quote for repair.


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