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What is the Average mobile app Cost

By thomasnathan1997 ·
The Average cost of mobile app is 1000$ to 3000$. This the Quote which i can get from different countries. Comment below to share your experience

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What kind of application ?

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to What is the Average mobil ...

The average app I buy on my Android phone is $4.99 or less. I have never seen one in the app store for $1000 or more.

Keep in mind that your original question did not mention application development so I answered it the way I did.

Reminder, please don't post links to any application or it will be removed as SPAM.

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development vs unit price

by heyimmarius In reply to What kind of application ...

Love that you answered this in the context of a user buying an app on the App Store.

It seems that OP is talking about development, by the fact that he got 'quotes', but I'm with you on this, $1000-$3000 doesn't describe a real development budget.

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Average Cost

by toddyhills74 In reply to What is the Average mobil ...

Totally depends on the client's demand...Usually it starts from $300$

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The last app I was remotely affiliated with.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What is the Average mobil ...

It was a GPS vehicle tracking system and while the initial cost was 6 figures I hear it's nearing 7 USD figures now as development continues.

If you can get your app complete for so little, you did fine.

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I'm create last app cost

by parkerpeterwebtrills In reply to The last app I was remote ...

In the first two years of a ordinary cellular app, app improvement solely represents 35% of the complete price (source)
The ongoing app renovation price for medium-sized business enterprise app tiers from $5,000 to $11,000 per month (source).

Annual legacy prices can be up to 50% of the unique app improvement costs. This potential that if you spent $300,00 on your normal app development, guide and upkeep will fee your up to $150,00 per year!

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Those numbers look about 10 times too low.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to I'm create last app cost

The GPS app, backend, supporting hardware in the field is now in the 7 figure development cost (USD.)

Monthly server fees alone are in the thousands.

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