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What source information do I need when taking work back from a developer?

By Maddog87 ·
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Hi everyone,

I hired a freelance developer roughly 1 year ago to develop a mobile app for me. Unfortunately I believe we have hit a wall and he no longer seems to be making progress. I am going to be ending the contract and would like your advice on what I would need from him to enable me to hand this over to a new developer to continue the work?

The app includes payment integration and database storage.


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Re: information

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to What source information d ...

What I can think of:
- the sources
- all information you need to build the app from the sources
- all necessary userid's and passwords (such as for the database and the cloud storage and processing used)
- license codes for maintaining the app (for example, for downloaded non-open source software)
- all documentation he already made

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Sharing one of my stories.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What source information d ...

This was a concern for the company so we bought a new blank laptop (well, not fully blank but with Windows 10 good to go) and talked with the developer about what we needed to do next.

I flew to another country to document the install and setup of a developer's system on the new laptop.

To test this out I did a factory reset on the laptop and repeated the setup using the document I created from my notes taken during the install by the developer.

This complete a copy of the document was left with the developer, the laptop and install document plus the software needed to be installed on USB media was returned to the company.

This was a nice little project but as you can imagine a little costly as there was international flights, hotels, transportation was not cheap. The cost of the laptop was about the cheapest part of the effort.

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