Windows 10 OS

By Tech_man0001 ·
Here's one I haven't seen before, in System properties there is no OS listed. I am running Win 10 pro on a 64bit architecture with Windows 21H1 installed. It boots from EFI so not a BIOS thing. When attempting to install 21H2 it kept saying "update completed but can't tell if PC is ready to update" when I looked in system properties I noticed no OS was listed as a default. Win 10 is the only OS on the PC and never dual booted. I believe this is related to the failed update but could be wrong and they are two unrelated issues. I also tried to update to Win 11 but same message, and all it will let me do is do a full install which I am not really wanting to do.
Thanks for any assistance.
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Re: Windows 10

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Windows 10 OS

It seems the OS is in some way corrupted. In such a case, if you have no image backup to go back to, a clean install might be the only solution, even if it's not the one you prefer.

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RE: Windows 10

by Tech_man0001 In reply to Re: Windows 10

The odd thing is everything works fine, no boot issues either. I did see where redoing the BCD might fix this, any thoughts?

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Re: fix bcd

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to RE: Windows 10 only tells about boot issues, and you don't have those.
Where did you read this would work in your case?

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re: fix bcd

by Tech_man0001 In reply to Re: fix bcd

You are correct, it only referenced a non-booting pc.

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RE: Windows 10 OS

by Bart_0sh34 In reply to Windows 10 OS

there are only 2 reasons if the installation doesn't work and if it's not the BIOS it's probably a Corrupt System Files.

In this case, you can do it manually by going to: Here, click the Update Now button and allow downloading the software. Then, as an administrator, run the update assistant and follow the prompts to finish the upgrade.
Now restart your computer, and check to see if your system's Windows version is 21H1.

Let me know if it worked.

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re: Windows 10 OS

by Tech_man0001 In reply to RE: Windows 10 OS

It has been updated to 21H1 I discovered the missing OS info when attempting to update to 21H2. When trying to update, is when I get the message and the update doesn't fully install

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