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Windows 11 upgrade thougts, plans?

By campomario ·
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With Windows 11 coming out, and having various Windows 10 versions floating, where some simply wont update etc.,
I'd like to make a swift change to Windows 11!

Both to offload PCs, Windows 11 seems to perform really well, and to avoid a years long period where my users and support will have to span over several Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions..

We have perhaps 200 PCs that can be upgraded to Windows 11 (compliant, we believe) and an additional 300 that will need replacement in 2022.
My colleague has been looking into Auto pilot but have concluded that we are very far from being ready. We also have GDPR complications using OneDrive.

How would you go about this. Data and user settings needs to be secured at upgrade/reinstall or moved over to the new PCs.

What are your thoughts on the above (and Windows 11 plans all together)?
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Tell me more about the W10 update problem.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows 11 upgrade thougt ...

I'm going to shortchange you here but the machines that failed to update were all cured with a clean install of W10. Since all the licenses were valid not one had further issues.

But hey I will write that once in a while the Jolly Roger client will show up and we'll discover the license wasn't legit so they get the machine back or have to come up with a good license.

-> About data. You copy those to backups.
-> About settings. There is NO STANDARD HERE. This area is a total wipe out from my experience so can you tell what settings you are concerned about.

You mention users so I would be guessing this is a company setup with the usual Windows Server, etc.

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It could be other thing's though

by itsdigger In reply to Tell me more about the W1 ...

I ran the Windows PC Health Check and found my comps aren't eligible for the upgrade because I don't have Secure Boot enabled and I need Trusted Platform Module version 2.0 (TPM) installed.

I don't recall why I don't have Secure Boot or TPM turned on. Maybe I was playing with Linux or something..

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W11 compability, Secure boot etc

by Janine1Marchese In reply to It could be other thing's ...

I gather they have this checked out when stating they need to replace appr 300 PCs :-)

It will be interesting though to see how those demands pan out over time. Im at a University and we'll just wait. Years if need be until all our PCs are compliant ;-)

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Auto pilot setup and User data backups

by Janine1Marchese In reply to Windows 11 upgrade thougt ...

Regarding the "fight" to get Auto pilot up and running please spend $1-2000 on a consultant setting up the Auto pilot stuff, including setting up the intune Connector and show you the initial steps to intune app packaging)

User data and settings..
Just give up on all the fancy pancy SCCM user data migration stuff and use Ehlertechs USMTGUI or even better User Profile Central to backup user profiles, settings and data and restore on the new PC's.

It is, by far, the simplest, cheapest and most stable way to handle user data.

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