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Bio: Computers have been my hobby for the past 25yrs so it came natural to me when I entered the industry as a level 1 tech with a network integrator nearly 11yrs ago. I starting working with Netware and network infrastructure installments.
I served as the IT Manager and and most recently the Director at my company for the past 8 years. I have experience in Netware to Windows migration, GroupWise to Exchange migration, Data Center design and implementation, Data center moves, Project Management, Business Systems and traffic systems, server setups and administration, to name a few. I take great pride in my work, great pleasure in teaching and sharing knowledge as well as learning something new each day. I just wish I had more time to enjoy my old computer hobbies of art, animation, Music and DV editing. All of these hobbies are performed on the PC platform utilizing tools such as PhotoshopCS, Premiere Pro, After Effects Production Bundle, Imagine for Windows, Particle Illusion, Animation Master, Organica, Poser6, Bryce4, Reason, Pro Tools, Rebirth and Digital Orchestrator.
My Hobby interests all started on the Amiga platform. When Commodore went belly up, and I sold all my equipment, it was more cost effective to go with the IBM PC platform than it was to invest in a Mac at the time. So here I am.
With all that said, I'm also a husband for over 17 years now and a father of 4 bipedal animals (children). Ages range from 7-17 years of age with the oldest being my princess and the other 3 all boys. Been in NYC my entire life until almost 5yrs ago when I purchased a new house and some land in the Poconos of PA.
Currently I am attedning on-line college at Westwood earning my BS in Gaming art and design. I received a patent pending for an invention I I came up with and I am loving life.

Visit me at www.digital-church.com

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