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Location: Summerville, South Carolina, United States

Industry: Media/Entertainment/Publishing/Advertising/PR

Role: Other IS/IT or Technology Function

Bio: A little about me.... I'm the Community and Members Service Manager here at TechRepublic, ZDNet and Tech Pro Research. I've been with ZDNet (CNET/CBS) since 1996. I've been involved in several areas through out - Chat (yes, ZDNet in 1997 did have a chat community), Forum boards, TalkBacks, Editorial, Newsletter Production, Marketing, Customer Support, Blogs... Mostly behind the scenes.I've also been a part of several of the different brands some of which are no longer a part of ZDNet/CNET/CBS: ZDTV/TechTV, ZDU (Ziff-Davis University), Anchordesk, BNet and MoneyWatch.That is all the boring stuff regarding me at CBS. :-) Now for the non-CBS stuff. I'm an avid Harley fan, yes, I do ride bikes and not the kind you peddle either. Though my favorite toy is my Jeep Wrangler - my Harley on 4 wheels. Outside Harley riding, I also happen to enjoy playing 9 pool, learning to play golf, reading, gardening, making forum board members miserable (hehehehe) and I'm heavily involved in the animal rescue community and have 7 rescues of my own.

Member since: 2004


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