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  • Alibaba Cloud Continues to Invest in Malaysia

    Resource Center · Jul 2019 · Provided By Alicloud

    Besides launching its first and second availability zones in the Malaysian data center in 2017 and 2018, Alibaba Cloud continues to invest in Malaysia by setting up their first cloud-based Anti-DDoS Scrubbing Center in August.2018. The center will mitigate risks and offer customers the highest level of protection against the...

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  • Alibaba Cloud - ECS Starter Package Plan

    Product Specs · Jul 2019 · Provided By Alicloud

    ECS is a simple and efficient computing service that features elastic processing capabilities. Create instances, change the OS, and add or release instances at any time to fit your business needs. Find out more about ECS features and benefits and start growing your business now!

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  • Alibaba Cloud Free Trial

    Downloads · Jun 2019 · Provided By Alicloud

    Alibaba Cloud is one of the worlds top three cloud providers and was ranked first in Asia Pacific by Gartner for IaaS in its April 2019 report. With the largest infrastructure footprint in Asia Pacific, Alibaba Cloud provides businesses in 56 availability zones cloud computing services such as Elastic...

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