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  • NetWitness® Cloud SIEM: Enterprise Security and Compliance as a Service

    White Papers · Oct 2021 · Provided By Netwitness

    With IT resources stretched in many organizations, there’s a growing desire to outsource functions where possible. NetWitness Cloud SIEM is an ideal solution for this requirement because it delivers world-class SIEM capabilities in a single, usage-based license, rapidly deployable, and without IT involvement.

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  • NetWitness® Platform for XDR

    Product Specs · Aug 2021 · Provided By Netwitness

    Analysts can now detect, investigate and truly understand the full scope of sophisticated attacks by leveraging an advanced analytics engine that applies NetWitness’s unique combination of behavioral analysis, data science techniques and threat intelligence to discover both known and unknown attacks. The NetWitness Platform for XDR enables enterprises to connect...

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  • NetWitness® Logs

    White Papers · Aug 2021 · Provided By Netwitness

    NetWitness® Logs is a security monitoring and forensics tool that collects, analyzes, reports on and stores log data from a variety of sources to support security policy compliance and regulatory compliance initiatives. Discover how pervasive log visibility facilitates administration and analysis of data across distributed and virtual environments, which...

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  • From Rapid Response To Proactive Planning

    White Papers · Aug 2021 · Provided By Netwitness

    The health crisis that kicked off 2020 has had a profound impact on everyone, worldwide - and security operations teams are no exception. Omdia in partnership with RSA conducted a survey of security industry leaders around the globe to study the on-going impact of the pandemic on cybersecurity priorities and...

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