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  • State of Cloud Adoption in Australia 2021

    White Papers · Jul 2021 · Provided By Telstra Purple

    This latest research by Omdia and Telstra Purple focuses on the state of cloud market in Australia, covering the critical challenges facing IT teams in moving applications and workloads to the cloud, areas where investments are being made and the capabilities required to truly exploit the advantages that cloud brings....

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  • Your Guide to Holistic App Modernisation

    White Papers · May 2021 · Provided By Telstra Purple

    From team collaboration to frontend customer engagement – the need to digitise (especially in response to Covid-19) has truly accelerated application development. But with most organisations still having a wide variety of on-prem legacy applications and cloud-native apps, there are immense complexities to overcome to get to a coherent,...

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  • Essential Guide to Multi-Cloud Security

    White Papers · Apr 2021 · Provided By Telstra Purple

    Complex configurations, constantly changing services, cowboys spinning up new services on corporate cards – it’s no wonder multi-clouds are giving businesses anxiety. Keep on top of multi-cloud security and realise the benefits of cloud with this comprehensive guide covering: The benefits and drawbacks of multi-cloud, including typical use cases Compliance,...

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  • Telstra Purple: Essential Guide to App Modernisation

    White Papers · Nov 2020 · Provided By Telstra Purple

    Whether you're just starting to think about app modernisation or wanting to know more about optimising your journey and considerations, we have created an interactive App Modernisation guide that will give you the essentials and more: What, why and how to begin your journey Strategies to consider for modernising...

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