Best of CES 2021: Everything you need to know about the new products and tech announced


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  • Published January 31, 2021
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CES 2021 may not have physically taken place in Las Vegas like in years past, but our reporting team from TechRepublic and ZDNet was still able to cover all of the news and product announcements that matter to businesses and professionals, albeit virtually.

While the first-ever all-digital CES show was different from prior years, what didn’t change was all of the enterprise technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and 5G, which were virtually on full display. Major consumer trends and themes crossed into the enterprise for 2021 including healthcare, autonomous and electric vehicles, display technology advancements, smart buildings and connected devices, and eSports and virtual worlds.

ZDNet and TechRepublic covered CES from all the angles that matter to businesses and professionals. Whether you’re a CIO, IT worker, developer, or business professional, it is important to understand how these technologies are being used in consumer products and how they will affect our companies, communities, and careers.

Read about all the latest news, product releases, and innovative tech solutions that matter to businesses and professionals in this ebook from TechRepublic Premium.

In the ebook:

  • CES 2021 wrap up: How enterprise tech makes all those smart toilets and robots possible
  • Microsoft president begs tech industry to improve its ethics
  • Best robots at CES 2021: Humanoid hosts, AI pets, UV-C disinfecting bots, and more
  • Best of the best: Our 10 favorite CES 2021 Best of Innovation award winners
  • CES 2021: Gadgets business pros can't live without
  • Germ-killing robot is LG's latest product: It could help prevent COVID-19 spread in offices
  • Best of CES 2021: How to stock a workstation for $3,500
  • LG Display wants to put a 55-inch transparent TV at the foot of your bed
  • Panasonic puts digital transformation tech center stage at CES 2021
  • CES 2021: Samsung introduces the Galaxy Chromebook 2 with a $550 starting price
  • CES 2021: Dell unveils PCs, laptops, software and monitors for the new normal of work
  • CES 2021: Lenovo releases new lineup of ThinkBooks
  • You can find a $180K solar-powered car, qubit controls, and breathing tips at the NL Tech Pavilion at CES 2021
  • CES 2021: Ready for a rollable smartphone? LG, TCL tease rollable screens
  • CES 2021: Intel's Mobileye touts new Lidar silicon chip for autonomous vehicles
  • CES 2021: Belkin adds MagSafe 2-in-1, Soundform wireless earbuds and a Linksys Wi-Fi 6E mesh system to lineup
  • Fitness tech at CES 2021 has smart yoga mats for relaxing and a sports wall for punching
  • And much more!
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