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  • Published September 1, 2020
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The average mobile device user utilizes 25 apps per month, but the majority of that time (96%) is only split between 10 apps, according to DesignRush.

Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has revamped how people are using their smartphones as screen time has surged along with finance, gaming and collaboration app usage, according to App Annie, mobile data and analytics provider.

With such an overwhelming amount of apps to choose from, it may be hard for business users to discern between the must-haves and the not-so-essential. This ebook from TechRepublic Premium curated from content by TechRepublic and ZDNet is here to help.

This ebook takes a deep dive into more than 200 mobile apps that business users need to know about. We share our list of crucial iOS and Android apps. We also delve into some of the best online learning apps for distance learning collaboration and engagement and explore the mobile payment apps best suited for SMBs. If you’re a cloud storage user, we have recommendations for the best desktop client apps available.

In addition, this ebook explores the best mobile apps for contact tracing, health and wellness, job seekers, veterans, work productivity, security, and even retro gaming, to name a few.

We also include a list of leading mobile app design companies, so you can learn more about who may be behind the next indispensable app.

In the ebook:

  • Best Mac apps for security and productivity in 2020: Parallels, Backblaze, and more
  • Best iPad apps for productivity in 2020: Fantastical 2, 1Password, and more
  • Best Android apps for data hogs in 2020: Network Analyzer, Data Monitor, and more
  • Best online collaboration tools and apps in 2020: Slack, Jira, Asana, and more
  • 5 transcription apps to make your work life easier
  • Arcade throwbacks: Top free retro game apps from Pong to Tetris 9
  • 4 apps to get the most out of Twitter
  • 5 best meditation apps to relieve work stress
  • Top 5 great work apps
  • 5 apps for cleaning and speeding up your PC
  • The most battery-draining apps of 2020
  • Best NFC and contactless payment apps in 2020: Venmo, Square Cash, and more
  • 5 mobile apps to help you stay healthy and fit at the office
  • Best antivirus software and apps in 2020: Keep your PCs, smartphones, and tablets safe
  • And much more!

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