Cloud data warehouse guide and checklist


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  • Published September 23, 2020
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Choosing a vendor to provide cloud-based data warehouse services requires a certain level of due diligence on the part of the purchaser. This Cloud Data Warehouse Guide and the accompanying checklist from TechRepublic Premium will help businesses choose the vendor that best fits its data storage needs based on offered features and key elements.

From the guide:

For modern businesses seeking a competitive advantage, relevant and actionable data (and all the activity surrounding its generation, collection, processing, and storage) is vital. It does not matter whether the data is gleaned from simple transactions, Internet of Things (IoT), or big data aggregation, it all can—and should—be processed into decision-worthy information.

To store vast amounts of generated data, businesses often turn to the data warehouse. A data warehouse acts as a central location where all of a business’s data is stored regardless of where or how it was generated. If deployed correctly, a data warehouse will contain data from various sources in such a way that data which was once separate and likely inaccessible to everyone in an organization, will be aggregated and accessible to all decision makers. This combination gives that data power.

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