Feature comparison: Time tracking software and systems


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  • Published July 8, 2021
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Choosing the right time tracking software or service for your organization requires a thorough assessment of your current business operations. These guidelines and comparison tool, from TechRepublic Premium, will enable your business to assess and document key criteria as you evaluate your options.

From the guidelines:

Tracking, measuring, and accounting for an employee's time is an essential part of business enterprise management, regardless of industry, product, or service. Determining how long a product takes to manufacture or how many hours a service took to complete establishes the basis for calculating cost, price, and ultimately profit.

In generations past, businesses relied on rudimentary tools like the timeclock and manual timesheets to track employees and the cost of their labor, but these days automated software and services are called upon for that management function. By employing features like real-time tracking, versatile timesheets, project management, cloud computing, and mobile compatibility, modern software and services not only generate accurate time data, but also increase efficiency throughout the organization.

Choosing the right time tracking software or service for your company requires a thorough assessment of your current business operations, especially as it relates to employee activity, the manufacturing process, and the determination of billable hours for services. Only with such an assessment in hand can you begin to choose characteristics and features that will improve your time tracking capabilities and overall operational efficiencies.

A systematic approach to assessing and choosing the best time tracking software and service for your business will improve the selection process and allow you to document it for future reference.

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