Hiring kit: Database Administrator


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  • Published March 17, 2019
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Database Administrators determine the most effective and efficient way to collect, structure, and store data so that it can be readily retrieved when it’s needed. This kit includes a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad to help you find and hire the right database administrator for your organization.

From the job description:

Useful and actionable information is the engine of success that drives the modern business enterprise. Properly collecting, storing, and processing business data is what provides the fuel for that success engine. The Database Administrator is responsible for determining how data will be collected, structured, and stored so that it can be accessed and processed when it is needed.

The Database Administrator accomplishes this vital task by working with data scientists, information technology professionals, and decision makers to assess how data will be collected and what form it will take. Those factors will determine the model and structure that will allow for the most effective storage, retrieval, and updates to the database over time. Poorly implemented database structures or incorrectly applied models could severely damage an organization’s ability to make the correct, timely decisions it must make to stay competitive.

The Database Administrator’s skill set should include demonstrable technical expertise—but a detail-oriented personality may be just as important. Successful candidates should also show an affinity for business management and be able to interact with stakeholders and decision makers outside the IT department.

Duties and responsibilities
The Database Administrator will work with an interdepartmental team to assess business-generated data with a goal toward determining the most effective and efficient way that data will be collected, structured, and stored for our business needs.

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