Hiring kit: Network Administrator


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  • Published May 23, 2021
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The heavy lifting of enterprise network management is performed by net admins, and finding the right people for the job is critical to keeping the business up and running. This hiring kit, from TechRepublic Premium, includes a job description, sample interview questions, and a basic want ad to help you find, recruit, and hire the best candidates for your company.

From the job description:

While job positions related to data collection, manipulation, and analysis are extremely important to the modern big data business environment, few of those employees could do their jobs, despite their talent level, without a properly running and efficient communications network. The nuts and bolts of configuration and management for any business enterprise’s computer network is performed by the Network Administrator.

A Network Administrator’s job responsibilities can range from planning the physical layout of a network’s cabling system to integrating security policies to cloning workstations for newly hired employees. The position requires demonstrable technical skills and knowledge, affinity for on-the-fly problem solving, meticulous attention to detail, and the ability to effectively communicate with all levels of the organization.

Finding the best Network Administrator candidates to meet your current business needs will require a thorough recruitment and hiring plan of action. This kit provides a framework you can use to find, recruit, and hire the best candidates for an open network administration position.

Job role
The Network Administrator will help plan, build, manage, and maintain a reliable, efficient, and secure enterprise-level computer, data, and communications network. The ideal candidate will have appropriate certifications and qualifications to work with networking hardware and will be well versed in on-premises and cloud computing solutions.

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