Hiring kit: UX specialist


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  • Published September 7, 2021
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A poor user experience can damage your company’s reputation, impede business growth, and even lead to failure. That’s why it’s so important to work with a talented UX specialist who can ensure that your website and applications are visually appealing and user friendly for your target audience. This hiring kit will help you find the right candidates to fill this vital role.

From the kit:

Job description
The user experience specialist will combine a superior knowledge of user-friendly and visually appealing design with a basic understanding of web functionality to create stunning mobile-based or web-based applications and sites. They will also be able to interpret user data and incorporate feedback into their design to maximize usability for stakeholders and customers.

The UX specialist must be able to work both independently and with a team to develop end products. They will communicate directly with senior management and team leaders to provide updates on progress and stay focused on the company’s vision. They should have excellent project management skills and a functional knowledge of app development tools, such as AngularJS. They will need to be able to tweak designs to meet company specifications and address user feedback.

Job responsibilities
The UX specialist must be able to:
  • Design, implement, and augment a positive user experience for app-based or mobile-based software.
  • Read, interpret, and incorporate customer feedback data into design.
  • Execute prototype testing and work to make design intuitive and accessible.
  • Follow new trends and implement industry-accepted best practices.
  • Focus on customer service.
  • Communicate effectively within a team and with senior management on project status.

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