MSP best practices: Network switch and router deployment checklist


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  • Published August 31, 2020
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No Managed Services Provider (MSP) should lock itself out of the very network switches or routers it deploys, yet, such accidents occur. Network switches have become increasingly complex and sometimes route Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) traffic, and routers power an ever-expanding smorgasbord of filters and services. As a result, it’s easier than ever to skip an important configuration step or securely record access credentials. Avoid common network switch and router deployment errors by meticulously approaching each installation.

In MSP best practices: Network switch and deployment checklist from TechRepublic Premium, MSPs will learn how to minimize mistakes when deploying new network switches and routers for clients.

The Network Switch and Router Deployment Checklist will help MSPs track the progress and prevent overlooking an important step,.

MSPs will be well served storing copies of the completed checklists within the same folder storing the configuration documentation, too, to ensure the deployment process was comprehensive.

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