Secure Browser Usage Policy


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  • Published March 30, 2015
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Once a novelty in the dawn of the personal computing era, the web browser is now an indispensable feature of every computer. Most devices depend on the browser for work, recreation and general functionality – as evidenced by the help desk calls which are generated when it malfunctions - and in many cases browsers are replacing locally installed “thick client” applications and offering the same functions.

Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla have all produced their own web browsers, each with a myriad of settings, features and add-ons (not to mention fan bases and detractors). As is often the case in technology, more features and options can also lead to greater security burdens. The flexibility and ubiquity of the browser also makes it a ripe target for attack by malware or hackers, regardless of the operating system on which it runs.

Use Tech Pro Research's Secure Browser Usage Policy to provide guidelines for the secure configuration and use of web browsers on company systems within an organization. This policy includes steps for remediation and resolution of browser attacks. The policy can be downloaded and used as written, or modified as needed for your organization.

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