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Application suggestions

By cazzie1107 ·
Tags: Apple, Mac, Software
I am looking for an awesome app that will help me keep all my application up to date. I am also looking for an application that when I remove an application it will removed all the bits and pieces that with it, it would be great if it could also find abandoned remains of applications delete.

Please send me all your cool suggestions
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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Application suggestions

Because this is an Apple OS, there are restrictions that make this a dead end.

-> If your applications auto-update as many do today, enable that and move on. If you wanted another app to do these for you, you are out of luck because... Apple rules about apps that tinker (update) other apps.

Finally, the abandoned remains may leave you to absolute disaster. I've lost count of how many Mac Cleaner (goes by a long list of names) that wipe out a person's Apple computer. As such I have never suggested anyone use these apps.

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Deleting apps

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Apple.

I agree completely with Bob's answer that "Cleaning" software should be avoided and add to it that the software called "MacKeeper" should be avoided like the plague.
That said, there is a small app called "app zapper" that will do what you are wanting but only under your supervision. It will find and display all the associated bits that came with the App you want uninstalled and display them for you to decide if you want to delete them.

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