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HELP !!! Big problem reinstalling Google Drive for Desktop

By barrym999 ·
Tags: Cloud, Software
I have had problem with the new Google Drive for desktop which has replaced Backup & Sync. It has stopped syncing a folder on my pc hard drive. I tried looking up problem but only option left was to uninstall/reinstall it. (I'm on Windows 10)

I uninstalled the program from my pc, rebooted pc etc. I downloaded latest version of Google Drive setup installer (about 250 mb file)but when I go to install it I get error message saying "This version of Google Drive is already installed" even though I have completely uninstalled it and cleaned up registry etc. If I type Google Drive into Windows search bar it comes up and I am able to access my Google Drive OK. But syncing is the problem.

Can anyone get me round this problem as I need this backup & sync facility to work. How do I do this reinstall and start the whole Drive/Sync thing afresh???

Big thanks in advance - any info will be appreciated.
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Re: Google Drive

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to HELP !!! Big problem rein ...

Apparently it's not "completely uninstalled", but only partially.

If you can't find the remains, a good (albeit time-consuming) solution would be to do a clean install of Windows, only keeping your files, not any installed program. That means that you have to reinstall everything, not only Google Drive.

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Google Drive

by barrym999 In reply to HELP !!! Big problem rein ...

Re suggestion to reinstall Windows that's not an option I would consider. Just too much hassle. There must be another way to solve this ???

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Bad news.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to HELP !!! Big problem rein ...

Given the problem is the SYNC and Google drive is working this can be a PERMISSIONS problem. I don't expect you to post which folder has the issue but want to move to the work and research you need to do now.

1. Not all folders can be synced. If you have a folder on your PC that has files that are Read-Only then the file up in the cloud can't write to your PC and SYNC FAILS. This is NOT a Google Drive problem.

2. Since I have no data on which folder and all the permissions it falls on you to dig into that.

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Google Drive syncing

by barrym999 In reply to Bad news.

I spent many hours today on getting this sorted out. Google have really made a mess of things by making the whole process of syncing so complicated.

However, I found one of the dozens of websites I scoured today that gave advice on how to repair a failed uninstall (which seemed to be the problem I had)

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I have just now managed to remove every trace of the previous Drive app installation and have managed to install the new Drive program on my PC.

Thanks for replies.

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Good to read.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Google Drive syncing

Glad it's fixed.

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