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Loop or Bus topology

By newguy34 ·
I'm a college IT student and also just got my first part-time job in the field. My boss (the main IT guy in our office) directed me to recommend a networking strategy for our new satellite office. He specifically said that he wanted me to find a way to do it cheap. My Operating Systems book says that there are some advantages of loop and bus toplogies over a star topology. Should I recommend one of these to my boss?
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Hold up.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Loop or Bus topology

The current networks we see in use in offices are star topology for wired unless you want to talk about WiFi which is still a star up to the Wireless Access Point (WAP.)

So save yourself here and tell me about ANY loop and bus topology that I can head to the typical computer store and buy what I need.

Spoiler: You should not recommend loop and bus solution for an office today.

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